Infertility & Preconception

Links to things I love & my own babbeling:

My Story

My 12 Step Plan to Overcoming Infertility It worked for me, I bet it can work for you too!

The Infertility Cure This is an excellent book detailing the Ancient Chinese Methods for dealing with infertility. It helped me shift my focus from “broken” to “Inbalanced”. So often we are told what’s “wrong with us”. This book says there’s nothing wrong and teaches methods to encourage your body back into balance. Worked for me, and for many, many other people.

Find some grass feed meat here!

Taking Charge of Your Fertility. This is a good website and book for when your just getting started, or if you have been trying for a few months without success. But if you are using it and still not getting pregnant, please don’t be too hard on yourself. I spent close to a year thinking I just couldn’t chart right, not realizing there was an underlying fertility issue. Bottom line: good start, not the end all be all of fertility. Find the book here.

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