Don't panic. I am not a professional.

Hello and welcome to the NuttyBee. After some unpleasant health experiences, I realized that we can control so much more of what goes on in our bodies than we think we can. Through nutrition and holistic measures I reversed infertility. I started this blog, because I wish I had a friend who would have clued me into this information years ago. I want to be your weird, nutty friend.

I am by no means perfect. I have a serious sugar habit. Sometimes I win, sometimes it wins. I am a no gourmet cook, so I figure if I can pull off the recipes posted here, so can anyone! Sweet Pea is on his or her way, making once easy to eat nutrient dense food rather hard. I get it, this isn’t always easy. But the alternatives are not so great either.

You will see I am a huge advocate of whole food, meaning as close to the way God created it as possible. I have lived all over the country and know that some areas afford great access to a variety of local, minimally processed food and some areas just don’t. Hopefully you will find recipes here to accommodate both. Most of my nutrition follows the works of Weston A. Price, although I have done both Paleo and vegetarian diets which still influence my recipe creations. I am still learning and loving all there is to know about holistic health.

Lets hear it for natural conception, easier pregnancies, and healthier babies!


Dont take my word for it: read all about the amazing things the Weston A. Price foundation is learning and doing.

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