PEEPS stole my BRAIN.

This post is happening AFTER the Easter candy has been “thrown away” (in my BELLY).  No good.

They look so sweet and innocent in their festive artificial flavors and colors!

I want to write an actual post with my thoughts on sugar, especially how it relates to fertility. I am doing a ton of research right now in how it also relates to pregnancy and childhood nutrition (ADHD? Autism? There are some scary studies out there. Google GAPS diet. Read. Be concerned with me. Rethink those stale peeps.) This will all come in good time.

But for now…

I found this fabulous lady Nancy Appleton’s website and her list of 146 reasons sugar is BAD. This list made me shudder and laugh. I cannot verify everything she says, but hey, if its true, YIKES. I hope you enjoy it also:

146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health

Please check out #136. THAT’S ME! I have an excuse for getting dumber! DARN YOU PEEPS.

Battling For my BRAIN.


(Not my picture.)


The Nutty Bee

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