Breaking up with G is hard to do… not. The Why.

Gluten Free

The words send tremors through the general public. But going G-Free is actually not that hard to do! I’ll show you how, but lets talk about WHY.

You have probably heard about celiac disease, made somewhat famous by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. If you have not I highly recommend you read this. A very small percentage of the population is actually diagnosed as celiac. However, quite a bit of the population is somewhat gluten sensitive.  What happens when your sensitive? The theory in its simplest (and we could get very complex people) explanation is that the gluten (found in wheat, barely, rye, some oats and tons of processed food) damages the cell bindings in the lining of the intestines. This allows some nasty things to leak through. You immune system is called in for clean up creating an inflammation response.

More precise explanation (from wikipedia, there are more scholarly sources on this, but I thought this summed it up quickly)

Health care practitioners who diagnose this syndrome explain that intestinal inflammation which may originate from intestinal dysbiosis or other sources of irritation, widens the junctions between the cells of the intestinal lining, allowing endotoxins and incompletely digested particles to be partially absorbed. These are targeted by antibodies, forming immune complexes which cause a semi-infectious state and can be carried by the bloodstream to distant sites where they may stimulate the release of cytokines. Low grade fever, transient gut pain, and a sense of inability to absorb nutrients are some reported symptoms in otherwise undiagnosed patients.

Now, to those of you struggling with infertility (or anything): who wants a lot of nasty inflammation in your body? In addition, your immune system is now tackling the inflammation. It can’t do the rest of its job as well. It needs more energy to keep you from getting sick. Your body becomes Kate Gosselin trying to hold down the chaos.  It cannot do much else, but you want to make a baby.  Following this logic, I feel the first thing anyone dealing with any type of physical issue should do it get rid of gluten (and sugar), be it ADHD, cancer, migraines, problems going number #2, etc.

Kate Gosselin and your immune system need a break.

One woman and one immune system can only handle so much!

Another theory is that gluten cause the villi (finger-like hairs that push stuff through your intestines) to flatten. This blocks nutrient absorbtion in the intestine wall (and makes it hard to go #2). If your body knows it can’t get the vitamins to care for itself, chances are slim it’s going to throw another body into the mix.

But, as Reading Rainbow would say:

Don’t Take My Word for it!


Research for yourself. Google. Read. To get you started google:

infertility and Gluten Sensitivity/intolerance

Infertility and Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut and Vitamin absorption

Gluten Intolerance and Vitamin absorbtion

Leaky gut and inflammation response

inflammation response and fertility

remember doctors often look for gluten sensitivity last. It takes a true celiac on average 10 years to get a diagnoses and most of us are not true celiac, we are just sensitive.

Read. Reasearch. Give it a try I’ll show you how to make it easy in the next post. Your intestines need about 2 full weeks to heal. What will you lose? A bread stick? What could you gain?

Perhaps the chance to be a parent?

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